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Live At-Home Workouts

Enjoy unlimited access to over 9,500 LIVE, interactive workouts each week that fit your schedule, in your space & at your pace!

Real-time coaching & community

Two-way communication with a Certified Personal Trainer who holds you accountable, corrects form & gives modifications while you work out! 

Never-Boring Workouts

Build lean muscle, lose weight & feel better with our full-body strength & cardio workouts. Try new workouts every day that are tailored to your goals.


"I absolutely love the online workouts! I don’t have to drive anywhere or worry about watching my kids and my garage has turned into a gym space for me and my husband. "

- Amber, Camper

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the virtual workouts! I’ve never worked out 6 days a week with CG but now I do because it’s so easy and convenient to turn on my iPad and get a workout in."

- Lysandra, Camper

"Loving the virtual workouts! I already planned my next three weeks hitting locations in each region 💪🏼"

- Ronnie, Camper

$49 Virtual Workout Program

Challenging, full-body workouts led by Certified Personal Trainers made for anybody, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a workout?

Sign up today to access 9,500 LIVE workouts with certified personal trainers across the nation! Each virtual workout has a unique Zoom link available through our CG App. After you register, download the CG App and you will have access to search for workouts by time and Trainer. Click here to register for four weeks of unlimited workouts, access 1,000 Certified Trainers and a community of people also working to crush their fitness goals!

What equipment do I need to do these workouts?

All you need for your virtual workouts is a water bottle, towel, dumbbells (8-20 lbs), a fitness mat and a laptop or mobile device! 

What if I don’t know specific exercises or moves?

Trainers are your biggest advocates! With thousands of new Campers each month, they are experts at demoing and explaining each exercise throughout the workout. Camp Gladiator is for ALL fitness levels, and often design each workout with modifications or accelerations to the exercises to make sure everyone gets in a great workout regardless of your fitness level!

How do I find workouts that fit my schedule?

With over 9,500 LIVE workouts available, we are sure that you will have many options that fit your schedule, even in these uncertain times. However, if you are still unable to find a workout, your Trainer can provide you with a recording of their workout or suggestions for other great CG workout options!