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Trainer FAQs

Get all the details on becoming a Camp Gladiator Trainer.

Trainer FAQs

Do I have to have experience as a Trainer to apply?


Not at all! We are dedicated to finding passionate individuals who are driven to become the best Trainers in the nation.

Do I have to have my CPT before I can start the process?

We are looking for Partner Trainers to have a nationally accredited CPT before they are engaged by CG, but do not have to have their CPT before submitting their qualifications.

What types of certifications do I need to become a CG Trainer?

We expect all Trainers to have current certifications.  You can find a list of CG-approved CPTs HERE.

I have a degree in an exercise-related field, am I still required to have a CPT?

Yes. We use the same certification standards for all potential Trainers regardless of educational background.

Is Camp Gladiator a full-time opportunity?

All Camp Gladiator Trainers are Independent Contractors and most of our Partner Trainers choose to pursue this opportunity in a full-time capacity. As an Independent Contractor, you have the flexibility to create your own schedule and devote as much time as you would like to your business.

Does Camp Gladiator provide CG Trainers with workouts and equipment?

Our Partner Trainers are the best of the best! Each Trainer creates their own workouts. However, CG does provide sample workouts from other Trainers for those who are interested in seeing what others are doing to keep their workouts fresh. Since CG Trainers are Independent Contractors, they are responsible for any equipment needed for their workouts.

What benefits does Camp Gladiator provide to CG Trainers?

Camp Gladiator provides an opportunity to positively impact hundreds of lives on a daily basis and live out the CG Mission. The CG brand is unparalleled and provides Independent Contractors with instant recognition and credibility. CG Trainers operate their own locations and design their own workouts, but they are surrounded by teammates working towards a common goal. CG Trainers can focus their energy primarily on their Campers because of the amazing services that CG offers to Trainers to help them be more successful in their independent training business. . Our Marketing, Tech, Accounting, Camper Support and Operations headquarters departments deliver a world-class experience for our Campers and Trainers.

Do you offer franchise opportunities?

Camp Gladiator does not operate its organization through a franchising model, but rather through locations operated by our network of independent contractors.

How do I join CG’s ever-expanding Network of Independent Trainers?

If you are in contact with a current CG Trainer, communicate with them in order to begin the process. Otherwise, start HERE.  After this is complete, an Area Director will reach out to you directly to explore the CG opportunity.

I am having trouble starting the process. What do I do?

Please contact directly.