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Camp Gladiator

What is Camp Gladiator?

Camp Gladiator is a boot camp-style group fitness program designed for adults of all ages and fitness levels - offering 10,000 outdoors and virtual workouts worldwide every week. Camp Gladiator was founded in 2008 by Ally and Jeff Davidson because the fitness industry was missing a team-based workout program that was also a successful franchise platform for nationally accredited Certified Personal Trainers to grow their own commission-based business.

What kind of workouts does CG offer?

CG workouts (or “Camps”) are 60-minute, full-body group workouts - incorporating cardio, strength and high-intensity interval training. Every workout is different and operates within our progressive ‘Four-Week Training Cycle’ where each week builds on previous week’s workouts to train your body in the most efficient way possible.

Where are outdoor CG locations?

CG currently offers 7,500 weekly outdoor workout options in seven states (CO, FL, GA, LA, NC, TX & TN) and in hundreds of cities. Check out our locations page to see all outdoor locations available! We also offer 2,500 virtual CG classes every week.

Are all CG workouts the same?

No way! Every CG workout is always different. While our workouts are offered within a unified and progressive training cycle, every CG Owner/Trainer creates their own workouts and infuses their own personality and style into every 60-min Camp session. 

Becoming a CG Owner/Trainer

Is Camp Gladiator a full-time opportunity?

All CG Trainers are CG Franchise Owners and most choose to pursue this opportunity in a full-time capacity. As a CG Owner/Trainer, you have the flexibility to create your own training schedule and to devote as much time as you would like to your business.

How much does it cost to franchise with CG?

While start-up costs vary among CG Owners/Trainers, the total estimated initial investment to franchise with us ranges anywhere from $2,580 to $7,955, depending on the franchisee. The initial franchise fee for new franchisees consists of a one-time payment of $1,000 (if paid in one lump sum) or $1,100 (if a franchisee chooses to pay Camply in installments). Other costs include such fees as completing a background check and attending Academy, in addition to various fees a franchisee may incur in purchasing the necessary technology devices to operate the CG Trainer Dashboard (e.g. iPad, laptop or smartphone) or fitness equipment needed to run a CG Camp.

The estimated initial investment is a range of the costs different franchisees will incur in launching and operating a CG Franchise. 

For complete details, please review the Franchise Disclosure Document regarding the fees associated with starting and operating a CG Franchise.

Is Camp Gladiator an MLM?

Camp Gladiator is not an MLM or network marketing company. Every Franchise Trainer at CG operates their own business where they provide amazing workouts to CG Campers worldwide and are Certified Personal Trainers. The primary way CG Trainers grow their businesses is through selling Camp and growing their userbase (or Camper base). Like most companies, CG compensates their Trainers for referring in other talented certified personal trainers so that they can continue to provide the best workout experience to their Campers. Referrals are not required to have a successful CG training business that positively impacts lives.

Do I have to have experience as a Trainer to apply?

Having prior training experience is not required: in fact our franchisee diversity is what makes us unique! We have former executives, past school teachers, Marines and CG Campers who have become CG Owners/Trainers. We are dedicated to finding passionate individuals who are driven to become the best training talent in the nation and to positively impact as many lives as possible! However, you must have an approved CPT at the time of signing a franchise agreement.

Do I have to have my CPT before I can start the process?

Having a CPT is required at the time of signing a franchise agreement. We are looking for CG Owners/Trainers to have a nationally accredited CPT before they franchise with CG, but they do not have to have their CPT before submitting their qualifications. See the list of CG-approved CPTs here.

I have a degree in an exercise-related field, am I still required to have a CPT?

Yes. We use the same certification standards for all potential CG Owners/Trainers regardless of educational background.

Does CG provide CG Owners/Trainers with workouts and equipment?

CG Owners/Trainers are the BEST of the best! Each Trainer creates their own workouts within our Four-Week Training Cycle. However, our Product Department, which consists of the top Owners/Trainers in the company, provides sample workouts to build off of and stay creative! CG Owners/Trainers are also responsible for any equipment needed for their workouts (besides the individual Camper's personal equipment, which includes a mat and dumbbells).

CG Owner/Trainer Benefits & Next Steps

How is the CG Franchise opportunity different from others available in the industry?

Most fitness franchise opportunities are targeted at entrepreneurs with large start-up capital to invest in an expensive facility. These entrepreneurs typically hire personal trainers to work for their business and run the fitness experience. 

In direct contrast, the CG Franchise opportunity is much like the owner-operator model, where the Trainer is the business owner with Camp Gladiator. Additionally, CG Owner/Trainers are surrounded by a team of like-minded business owners who are all working towards the CG mission of positively impacting the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible. CG Owners/Trainers have the flexibility to do what they love on a global business platform that was built by Trainers, for Trainers!

What benefits does CG HQ provide to Owners/Trainers?

Camp Gladiator Headquarters provides an opportunity for Owners/Trainers to focus primarily on positively impacting lives on a daily basis because they have expert business support from HQ teams specializing in Marketing, Tech, Accounting, Camper Support and Operations. With 24/7 resources and guidance, CG Owners/Trainers can successfully grow their businesses with an unparalleled brand that has instant brand recognition and credibility worldwide.

How do I apply to become a CG Owner/Trainer?

If you are in contact with a current CG Owner/Trainer, communicate with them in order to begin the process. Otherwise, complete your interest form here.  After this is complete, an Area Director will reach out to you directly to explore the CG opportunity

I am having trouble starting the process. What do I do?

Please contact directly to start your application process.

What are the steps to becoming a CG Owner/Trainer and how long does each take?

There are four main steps to becoming a CG Owner/Trainer (see the below section): Franchise Application, Applicant Training, Applicant Approval and Launch Your Business. Each of these steps varies in length, but expect 7-10 weeks in total to become a CG Owner/Trainer.


How to Become a CG Franchise Owner!


  • Complete your interest form HERE.
  • Upon Review, a Camp Gladiator Area Director will Contact You
  • Complete Application
  • Receive and Sign Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Complete Background Check


  • Complete the CG Franchise Applicant Metrics
  • Attend CG's Training Conference (Academy)


  • Pass Fieldwork & Sales Auditions
  • If all Criteria is met, Receive and Sign the CG Franchise Agreement


  • Find Your CG Locations & Create Your Schedule
  • Launch Your CG Business!

This website and any franchise sales information are intended for informational purposes only. This information is not an offer to sell a franchise, which is made only through delivery and receipt of the franchise disclosure document. The information on this website is not directed to residents of any states that require us to register our franchise disclosure document prior to offering or selling a franchise business. We will not offer or sell any franchises to residents in these states until we have filed and received the approval of our franchise disclosure document.