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CG BOLD is our membership program that keeps Campers on track and rewards them just for showing up! We are dedicated to impacting lives and want to partner with you to reach your long-term fitness goals. Make the BOLD choice!


Meaningful change takes time, and true change is a lifestyle. Join the community where hard work, sweat and high fives drive us to be better. Let's put in the work together!

Membership Perks

As a BOLD member you’ll receive the best pricing on Camp and earn points every time you check in or refer a friend. You can cash in your points for discounts on CG Gear, events like CG Games or CG FIT, or even your monthly Camp price! The more you check in, the more you save.

Exclusive Workouts

After each four-week Camp, there is an exclusive week of workouts for Campers who have joined our BOLD membership program.


We believe you're more likely to hit your fitness goals (and have fun doing it) when you have an accountability buddy. One of the awesome perks of our BOLD 12+ and BOLD 24+ memberships is a FREE four-week Camp code to share with a friend!

CG Bold Levels

The more you check in, the higher your level and the more you save!


100 Points Per Check-in
20,000 Points Per Friend Referral



100 Points Per Check-in
20,000 Points Per Friend Referral

50 Check-ins 



125 Points Per Check-in
25,000 Points Per Friend Referral

100 Check-ins
2 Friend Referrals



150 Points Per Check-in
30,000 Points Per Friend Referral
2.5% Camp Discount

250 Check-ins
5 Friend Referrals


200 Points Per Check-in
40,000 Points Per Friend Referral
5% Camp Discount

500 Check-ins
10 Friend Referrals

Special Discounts

$39 Spouse Discount

Sweat and save with your spouse! Score an exclusive BOLD discount when your family works out at CG together. The spouse that registers second will be charged $39 per month. Contact us to learn more.

10% Military Discount

For any current Campers, once you enroll in BOLD and verify your military status, the 10% Military Discount will be applied to all payments for the rest of your BOLD membership. No re-verification needed!

CG Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate discounts range from 10%-20%! The more people who sign up, the bigger the discount, plus the more you could save in health care costs!