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  • Partner

    Trainers operate locations and work in partnership with their local teammates and Headquarters which creates the best opportunity in fitness.

  • Culture

    Trainers are immersed in the most positive and collaborative environment and become part of the CG family.

  • Team Support

    Trainers are connected with hundreds of business partners across the nation, have access to shared resources, and are able to seek business guidance for success.

  • Unlimited Opportunities

    There are multiple revenue streams a Trainer can explore: growing Camp attendance, recruiting additional Trainers, seeking leadership positions and participating in CG event sales.

  • Technology & HQ Resources

    Through specialized departments CG trainers have a talented team dedicated to supporting growth and success.

  • Development

    We are committed to our Trainers becoming successful business owners. Through national events and workshops, CG provides opportunities throughout the year that focus on continued education and community.

  • "I've accomplished more in 4 years with CG than I ever thought possible in the fitness industry!"

    CG Trainer Liz Laubenberg

  • "There is not a better opportunity in the fitness industry, period."

    CG Trainer Dallas Seely

  • "As a CG trainer, I get the best of both worlds -- to be the face that changes the lives of hundreds on the field, but off the field, help change the lives of thousands."

    CG Trainer Whitney Golston

  • "CG has a true passion for helping others, and what better way for me to help people than by impacting the masses. Previously as a personal trainer, I only touched one life at a time -- now I impact hundreds."

    CG Trainer Brandon Hall

  • "If your passion is to coach people, help people become a better version of themselves and develop as a fitness professional, then this is the opportunity for you."

    CG Trainer Amy Pylant

  • "I have tripled my earnings every year the past three years while still being able to spend time with my kids."

    CG Trainer Veronica Cruz