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CG Online Workouts

Experience amazing workouts, top-rated Certified Personal Trainers and an incredible community from the convenience of your own home. 

LIVE, At-Home Workouts

Enjoy unlimited access to over 2,500+ weekly LIVE, interactive workouts each week that fit your schedule, in your space & at your pace! Build lean muscle, lose weight & feel better with our full-body strength & cardio workouts. 

Real-time coaching & community

Two-way communication with a Certified Personal Trainer who holds you accountable, corrects form & gives modifications while you work out!

Getting Started is Easy

All you need for your online workouts is a water bottle, towel, dumbbells (8-20 lbs), a fitness mat and a laptop or mobile device! 


Access thousands of online workouts, track your check-ins over time, and manage your account all through the CG App!

Try Online CG Workouts!

Challenging, full-body workouts led by Certified Personal Trainers made for anybody, anywhere.

What People Are Saying

“As a teacher, I don’t get to work out during the day. I’m thankful for some time off and some ME time doing what I love to do best!”

- Christina, San Antonio Camper

“Love being able to stay inside and still get a GREAT workout!”

- Jill, DFW Camper

“The coolest part is that it gives us a chance to work out with new Trainers in other cities that we never could have worked out with before!”

- Natasha, San Antonio Camper

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Get started by signing up for a four-week online workout program or one of our online memberships here! Our four-week program is great for getting started and has no contract, commitment, or hidden fees! If you're looking for a long-term fitness solution, select one of our monthly online membership options (6 or 12 months)!

How do I access online workouts?

All of our online workouts are hosted on your account under the 'Online Workouts' tab. You can search by Trainer or filter down by day/time. Once you find a workout, click 'join live' and Zoom will open in your web browser!

What type of workouts will I experience?

CG is a full-body, functional workout program that combines strength and cardio in every 60-minute session. Each week progresses and builds on previous workouts to train your body in the most efficient way possible. With no two workouts the same and a different focus each week, you’ll crush your fitness goals in no time!