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How CG Works

CG is a fun, challenging and personalized workout program designed to unlock your full fitness potential. Our program is where amazing workouts, top-rated Certified Personal Trainers and an incredible community come together - whether outside or online!

What is CG?

CG is a four-week fitness program led by Certified Personal Trainers, where every workout is different. Each "Camp" is a 60 minute, full-body workout incorporating both cardio and strength exercises. CG was initially built around outdoor workouts and is now excited to offer online workouts as well!

Find A Workout

CG offers thousands of workouts each week to make working out as convenient as possible! To view our outdoor locations, use the map and filter by zip code, time and day of the week to find a CG workout near you! Access to our online workouts is available through your online CG Account once you are registered.

Track Your Check-ins

Use the CG App or connect with your Trainer to "Check-in" to our workouts and keep track of your progress. When you check-in, you start racking up points that you can use when you join a BOLD Membership program. Points can be used to discount your monthly membership (we actually pay YOU to work out!), to purchase CG Gear and so much more, including bragging rights! 

Stay Motivated

Whether in person or online, Certified Personal Trainers are here to motivate, hold you accountable, correct form & give modifications while you work out! 

Better Together

At CG, we believe in the accountability and camaraderie of group fitness. We encourage and push one another to be Better Together. Even online you'll workout LIVE with your Battle Buddies via Zoom. 

Download the App

Check in at Camp, find your favorite locations and manage your account all in the CG App. Download now and get moving!

Everything You Need for CG

The CG App

Fitness Mat

8-20lb Dumbbells

Our Training Cycle

Our Four Week Training Cycle is designed to challenge and optimize your fitness. Each week progresses and builds on previous workouts to train your body in the most efficient way possible. With no two workouts the same and a different focus each week, you’ll crush your fitness goals in no time!

Week 1


Build the Foundation

This foundational week is designed to keep you moving the entire 60 minutes while keeping your heart rate at a consistent level between 60-75%. Endurance training keeps your heart, lungs and circulatory system healthy while also improving your overall fitness.

Week 2

Strength & Agility

Train Like an Athlete

Improve muscular strength and power, while also challenging your body's ability to create speed, quickness and acceleration in the midst of dynamic movements.

Week 3


Up the Intensity

By alternating between high-intensity drills and short rest periods, this training teaches your body how to efficiently use its energy to recover quickly.

Week 4

Peak Week

Test Your Limits

Reach new peaks and break plateaus. With improved stamina, enhanced speed and increased strength, this week will allow you to test your fitness limits.

Community Week

Sweat With Your Community

After the four-week cycle ends, all registered Campers get to experience bonus workouts during Community Week. A consistent, full Camp schedule runs Mon-Wed & Sat with off days on Thurs & Fri.

Sign Up for CG

Sign up for CG and get ready to hustle. Discover your best self through dynamic and fun workouts. What are you waiting for? Let's do this!  


Success Stories

Eric, Austin Camper

"I'm not sure if I could do all this on my own and I don't have to is the cool thing."

Z, Austin Camper

"It doesn't matter your age, it doesn't matter what you look like, CG is for anybody - truly."

Tyler, Houston Camper

"With CG, it's not even a question of whether I'm going, I know I'm gonna go every day."

Kara, Michigan Virtual Camper

"My very first workout, I was hooked."