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Does my BOLD membership auto-renew?

Yes, your membership will auto-renew on a month-to-month basis once your minimum commitment has been met. You will keep your low monthly rate, due date, all your check-ins, points, and friend referrals.

What is a freeze and how can I place one on my account?

A freeze is a pause in your billing cycle that goes into effect one day before your bill date and ends one day before your next bill date. BOLD 24 - Campers receive 2 months to freeze their account over the course of their minimum commitment. BOLD 12 - Campers receive 1 month to freeze their account over the course of their minimum commitment. BOLD 6 - Campers do not receive freezes during the term of the minimum commitment. We ask that you request your freeze at least 7 days prior to your next bill date so we may process them in a timely manner. A $7.00 freeze fee will be assessed to your account each month your account is frozen. While your account is frozen you will NOT be able to attend Camp or earn check-in points. Any current points on your account will be suspended until your freeze is lifted. Freezes do not count towards your minimum commitment. If you would like to proceed with freezing, please reach out to Camper Support. We offer special exception freezes, with appropriate documentation, for Medical Restrictions Maternity Restrictions Travel (as long as supporting documents can be provided) What are acceptable documents for special exception freezes? For medical freezes, we accept documents on a physician's letterhead indicating how long you will need your BOLD membership frozen (specific start and end dates are most helpful)! For travel freezes, we accept documentation of travel from your employer on company letterhead or proof of flight itinerary if traveling outside the country. Note: Courtesy and travel freezes are only available to Outdoor BOLD & BOLD+ Campers, they are not available for Virtual BOLD Campers.

How do I cancel my BOLD membership?

We're sorry to hear that you are wanting to cancel. To move forward, please call us at 512-601-8111, Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM CST. If you are eligible to cancel, we will happily assist you! If you are not eligible to cancel, please contact us to see what options are available. We are committed to learning and growing, so we will also welcome feedback on your experience with CG when we speak with you. Please note: we answer all calls in the order they are received. All cancellation requests must be called in and processed 7 days prior to your next bill date.

Can I cancel my membership before meeting the minimum commitment?

CG offers early cancellation and membership modification under these conditions: MEDICAL: If you have a medical issue that prevents you from working out you will need to provide medical documentation stating that your physician recommends you refrain from Camp Gladiator workouts indefinitely. You will be able to upload your documentation via Live Chat. Your membership will remain active (and payments will be processed) until the documentation is processed. You can also apply an extended medical freeze to your account if you need a break but want to come back later on! MOVING DOWNGRADE (BOLD+ only): If you move somewhere that does not offer CG within 30 miles you can downgrade your BOLD+ membership to a Virtual only membership, with documentation of your new address. Documentation may include a job offer letter, updated insurance card, new utility bill, or rental agreement and must be dated. You will be able to upload your documentation via Live Chat. Once documentation is approved your account will be moved to a Virtual plan of the same length. Your existing months will be carried over and the same cancellation policy will apply. Please note all changes to your account must be requested 7 days before your next billing date for processing.

Can I change my primary location?

When registering for a promotional Camp or a BOLD membership, you will have the opportunity to select your primary location. BOLD Campers: you are able to change your primary location after the 7th Camp cycle of your BOLD membership (approximately 8 months into your commitment). Regardless of your primary location, you can attend any and all of our 7,500+ outdoor locations and/or 1,500+ online options (depending on your membership type). That's one of the greatest perks here at CG!