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CHALLENGE RUNS 4/19 - 5/15

Summer Countdown Challenge

Four weeks of progress tracking awaits you - whether you're training for life, looking to lose weight, or hoping to be stronger, our Summer Countdown Challenge is a great place to start. 

CHALLENGE RUNS 4/19 - 5/15

What is CG?

- 60-minute, high intensity group classes

- Fun and challenging bootcamp style 

- Led by Certified Personal Trainers

- Outdoor and online options


- Go to at least 15 classes over the four weeks and check in

- Over 10,000+ weekly class options to fit your schedule

- Access to all workout times and locations 


- Track your progress on the exclusive challenge dashboard

- Measure meaningful metrics beyond the scale 


- Go to a minimum of 15 classes and check in

- Join a membership with CG

- Track your progress in the dashboard

- Do all of the above to earn this tee! 


"I have all these goals, and, at the end of the day, CG is helping me reach them"


"I'm not sure if I could do this on my own, and the cool thing is I don't have to."


"Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have started CG years ago."


What comes after the challenge?

Your card will not be charged when the challenge wraps up. You can keep working out with us by signing up for one of our outdoor or virtual membership contracts called BOLD. Learn more about your options here:

Are the outdoor and online classes different?

We do our best to make our virtual classes as similar as possible to our outdoor classes. No matter what, you can expect a 60-minute, full-body workout that incorporates both strength and cardio training. Whether you're joining us outdoors or virtually, your Trainer will also be dedicated to giving form corrections and modifications in real time. 


Can I start anytime?

YES! With all of our outdoor and online options, we make it easy to find a time that works for your schedule, and you can start working out anytime after the beginning of the challenge. No matter when you start, each class is designed to help improve your overall fitness through a 60-minute, full-body workout. 

What are the outdoor safety precautions?

Our outdoor locations follow CDC guidelines, including social distancing. We are testing out reintroducing shared equipment in a safe, responsible way; however, using it is completely optional and we encourage you to bring your own equipment including a pair of dumbells and a fitness mat. 

Where are the outdoor locations?

We have 7,500+ locations to choose from in Texas, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina and Tennessee. Check out locations in your area here:

Already a BOLD member?

If you already have a membership contract with us, you get special pricing! Visit this page to take advantage of your discount: