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CG Games Finals

New this year: CG Games Finals is virtual. Top Athletes from the four-week CG Games Prelims Competition will challenge themselves to Rise Above what they think they're capable of.

Sat, Nov 21

What is CG Games Finals?
Compete to Win
How virtual Finals works
Athletes Guide

What is CG Games Finals?

CG Games Finals is a dynamic fitness competition for the top Athletes from the four-week CG Games Prelims Competition to compete for cash prizes. Join us for the first ever, virtual CG Games Finals!

Compete to Win

The top 50 Individual Athletes and top 25 Teams from each Division will be invited to compete in virtual CG Games Finals on Sat, Nov 21. These Athletes will compete in a series of events that will test endurance, strength, agility and speed! Athletes will compete for the chance to win $25,000 in grand prizes distributed among the top Athletes.*

*See FAQ's for exceptions. 

How virtual CG Games Finals works

We are excited for our Athletes to virtually compete against each other this year! Athletes will compete in events that will be judged via Zoom. Athletes can compete from the comfort of their home!


Virtual CG Games Finals is an invite-only competition for Athletes! We will begin sending invitations for CG Games Finals on Tuesday, November 10. Invited Athletes will have 48 hours to accept the invitation and register for virtual CG Games Finals. After 48 hours, the invitation for virtual CG Games Finals will be extended to the next group of qualifying Athletes should all spots not be filled.

Athlete's Guide

An Athlete's Guide and additional details for virtual CG Games Finals will be available later in 2020!


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Train With CG

Since the event course is structured just like CG, focusing on endurance, strength, agility and speed, the best way to train is by attending Camp!