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You’ll start by doing a 1 minute plank. You’ll then complete 5 exercises and finish by running a lap or up a couple of flights of stairs. Put it on repeat and drop the push-ups by 2 and ADD a lap or a flight or stairs. Set a timer for 30 minutes and see how many rounds you can get through.

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You’ll complete 2 exercises per round. You’ll start with 10 reps of the first movement and 1 rep of the second movement and move in the opposite direction. The first movement you’ll decrease by 1 rep and increase the second exercise by 1 rep until you’ve reached 1 rep on the first movement and 10 reps on the second movement. Take a quick break and repeat the same pattern with 2 new exercises for round 2.

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Start both exercises at 10 reps. Drop the first movement by 1 and increase the second movement by 1 until you’ve reached 1 rep for the first movement and 19 reps for the second movement. Then move on to the next 2 rounds.

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Work your way down the list of exercises. Once you’ve completed the list, you’ll start from the top and drop the weighted movement by 2 and keep the 20 rep movement the same. Keep going through the list until the weighted movement is at 2 reps.

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