What is Mobility & Why Should You Care?

Mobility is an important component of your physical fitness but it’s not always clear what it actually means. Good mobility helps maximize strength, keeps you safe during your workouts and helps support your health in the long run.

What is mobility?

Simply put, mobility is a joint’s ability to move through its range of motion. Let’s take the example of your shoulder joint. It’s designed to allow your arm to move in many different directions, like forwards, backwards and side-to-side

How is mobility different from flexibility?

Let’s clear one thing up: mobility is not the same as flexibility. Flexibility is a muscle's ability to stretch, whereas mobility is a joint's range of motion. However, the two are related. To have good mobility, you’ll also want to be flexible. It’s also possible to have good flexibility, but poor mobility.

How do you get “good” mobility?

Having good mobility takes consistent, intentional work. Starting with a strong core is important to ensure the proper movement patterns are able to be accomplished. Flexibility is an important factor in increasing mobility as inflexible muscles will prevent the range of motion in the joints. The final consideration in increasing mobility is building the strength of the muscles surrounding the joints that create the movements. In addition to simple body weight movements that move through full range of motion, tools like foam rollers and lacrosse balls can help break up the tension in the fascia surrounding your muscles allowing increased blood flow, flexibility and ultimately mobility!

Now that you understand the concept of mobility, make sure you’re including mobility in your everyday fitness routine! During your next Camp, pay attention to the moves your Trainer incorporates in your warm up. You’ll notice they work on your mobility so you’re set up to challenge your inner athlete and crush those fitness goals safely and efficiently!

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