Peak Week Pairing

Equipment needed: Workout Mat

Duration: 30-40 minutes

Workout Description: You’ll complete 2 exercises per round. You’ll start with 10 reps of the first movement and 1 rep of the second movement and move in the opposite direction. The first movement you’ll decrease by 1 rep and increase the second exercise by 1 rep until you’ve reached 1 rep on the first movement and 10 reps on the second movement. Take a quick break and repeat the same pattern with 2 new exercises for round 2.


Round 1 10 Burpees/ 1 Squat Jump 9 Burpees/ 2 Squat Jumps 8 Burpees/ 3 Squat Jumps …..ALL THE WAY TO 1 BURPEE/10 SQUAT JUMPS

Round 2 10 Push-ups/ 1 Star V-Up 9 Push-ups/ 1 Star V-Ups 8 Push-ups/ 3 Star V-Ups …..ALL THE WAY TO 1 PUSHUP/10 STAR V-UPS

Round 3 10 Star Jumps/ 1 CG Games Thruster 9 Star Jumps/ 2 CG Games Thrusters 8 Star Jumps/ 3 CG Games Thrusters ….ALL THE WAY TO 1 STAR JUMP/10 CG GAMES THRUSTERS


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