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Learn to Measure Your Heart Rate for Optimal Performance

In this day and age, most of us walk around with fitness watches, like a FitBit or an Apple watch. These awesome gadgets track our heart rate (HR) and are great tools to track your intensity during a workout. When we workout our HR spikes into different HR zones. Each of these zones are beneficial in different ways and can be lined up perfectly with the CG 4 week cycle.

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6 Ways to Stay Motivated With Your Fitness Routine

Setting new health goals feels first. Then, after a few days or weeks, the excitement wears off and that motivation starts to fade. So, how do we turn changes into lasting habits? Experts say successful health changes have a lot to do with preparation and having a solid support system; we’ve collected some of the best practical tips to help you achieve your goals:

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The Dangers of Sitting

The stats say it all - one in four Americans sit for more than 8 hours a day. While most people understand this can't be good, most don't understand all the impact this can have. Sitting that long can cause digestive issues or decreased lung capacity as a side effect. Mason Murphy, a Trainer with CG, has broken down exactly what the dangers of sitting are, and how to avoid them!

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Staying Healthy During COVID-19

We’ve all heard many different opinions about COVID-19 and what you should or should not be doing to stay safe. The experts agree: physical activity improves how you feel each and every day. Exercise also improves your sleep patterns and reduces anxiety - all the more reason to stay active right now!

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The Health and Well-Being of our CG Community

We’re taking it (back) outside at many of our locations! During this transition, Camp Gladiator remains focused on the health and safety of our Campers and Trainers. We are carefully monitoring city and state policies as we begin our return to in-person Camps and are diligently updating protocols and practices to best serve our community. Check with your local Trainer to see which Camp locations are returning outdoors.

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Best Practices for Finding a Workout

Now that both outdoor and virtual locations will be running, we have new ways to find your workouts! Here are the steps to find your next workout, whether online or outside!

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