Best practices for Finding a Workout

So you signed up for our four-week workout program… now what!? First things first - find a Camp! (What we call our “workouts”.) Ready, set, sweat!

How to Find & Check in to an Outdoor Workout

  1. Download the CG App on




    to access outdoor workouts. (You must be a registered Camper in order to log in to the CG App.) Log in with your phone number and pin set up during registration

  2. Check out the ‘Location Map’ tab in the CG App or on the CG website to find available outdoor workouts. Check back frequently as we are opening locations on a rolling basis in compliance with city & state ordinances.

  3. Filter by day/time to find an available workout.

  4. Head out to Camp and check in through the CG App!

Check In with the CG App

How to Find & Check-in to a Live Virtual Workout

  1. Log in to your

    CG account

    online to access all available virtual workouts. (You must be a registered Camper in order to access the virtual workouts.) Live workouts are still accessible through the CG App by clicking the 'Virtual' tab or in your online account by clicking the 'Live Workouts' tab. Follow the steps below on how to find and check in to your virtual workouts.

  2. Click the “Live Workouts” tab, where you can search for your preferred Trainer or filter by day/time.

  3. Once you find the live workout you want to join, click ‘Check in’ to track your hard work. You are only able to check in 15 minutes before or after the start time of the workout. Ex- If your workout is at 8a, you can check in from 7:45a-8:15a. If you missed the check-in window, please follow up with your Trainer to log your check-in. We have a restriction to limit check-ins to three times per day. If you complete more than one check-in per day (more than one workout), contact your Trainer to claim the additional check-ins!

  4. Click 'Join Live' to open Zoom in your web browser. If this is your first time using Zoom, it is recommended that you download the Zoom App (keep reading for Zoom tips).

    Virtual Workouts Page

Zoom Tips

Download the Zoom app on your phone or computer. This is not mandatory to participate but is recommended for the best workout experience.

Follow the above instructions for “How to Find & Check in to a Virtual Workout” and then click the Zoom link for the workout you want to join. You can participate from your phone, tablet, or computer web browser.

You will automatically be muted with your camera off to start the workout. Use the controls in the bottom left corner to opt in to sharing your microphone and/or camera with everyone in the workout. We recommend this for the best experience, as your Trainer will be able to hold you accountable, motivate you, correct form, and provide modifications if needed.

Toggle the view in the top right between the ‘Speaker View’ to focus on your Trainer and the ‘Grid View’ to see all your fellow Campers along with your Trainer. This feature is only available on the Zoom phone & computer app, not on the web browser version.

Use the chat feature to ask questions or request modifications from your Trainer. They are there to guide you through an amazing workout!

How to Find & Check-in to an On-Demand Workout

  1. Log in to your

    CG account

    online to access all available workouts. (You must be a registered Camper in order to access the on-demand workouts.)

  2. Click the "On-Demand Workouts" tab, where you can filter by workout length, week of Camp, and more.

  3. Once you find the live workout you want to join, click the play button to get started!

  4. We will automatically check you in once you've completed a majority of the workout! You'll see a pop-up that says you've been checked in.

Now go crush those fitness goals! Don’t forget to post pictures and tag us on social media so we can cheer you on! #CGBetterTogether

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