Beat Your Rep Count

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Equipment Needed: Workout Mat

The goal of this workout is to try to beat your rep count each round. You will have 30 seconds per exercise to get as many reps as possible. After 30 seconds, record your rep count and move on to the next exercise. Once all 3 exercises are done, take 30-60 seconds to rest and repeat all again, working to beat previous rep counts! After you have completed the round two times, rest for 1 minute and then move on to the next round and repeat the above.

Duration: 30 minutes


Round 1: Squat Jumps (Modification: Squat to Calf Raise) Sit- Ups (Modification: Crunches) Quick Jacks (Modification: Step Outs) x2

Round 2: Lunge Jumps (Modification: Reverse Lunges) Hand Release Push-Ups (Modification: Push-Ups from knees) High Knees (Modification: Walking Marches) X2

Round 3: Broad Jumps Toe Touch Crunches Star Jumps (Modification: Walk out instead of jump) X2

Round 4: Squat Jacks (Modification: Walk out instead of jump) Alternating V-Ups Chest to Ground Burpees (Modification: Walk out instead of jump)

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