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The Health and Well-Being of our CG Community

Date: May 13, 2020 Category: Health & Well Being

We’re taking it (back) outside at many of our locations! During this transition, Camp Gladiator remains focused on the health and safety of our Campers and Trainers. We are carefully monitoring city and state policies as we begin our return to in-person Camps and are diligently updating protocols and practices to best serve our community. Check with your local Trainer to see which Camp locations are returning outdoors.

In-Person Camp Procedures:

Across all of our open locations, CG is committed to the following safety measures:

*Camper minimum may vary based on certain government regulations. Talk to your Trainer directly for location-specific requirements. 

Virtual Workouts:
During this transition, ALL active Campers still have the opportunity to get in a great CG workout using our virtual workout program! Even as we are able to transition back outside, some Campers may want or need to stay home. Therefore, virtual locations will still be accessible through the CG app, and are here to stay! 

Outdoor location reopenings will be handled with mindfulness for our community. During this transition, we fully believe that whether online or outside, we will continue to be #BetterTogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find which locations are going back outside?

Your Trainer is your best resource! They are diligently keeping up with state and local regulations alongside CG, and will let you know when they plan on taking it (back) outside. They have been fully equipped to lead you in this transition so stay tuned for updates from them!

Is CG requiring face masks?

Masks are not required by CG, but may be within certain areas/cities. Talk to your Trainer for more details on your local requirements.

How will this work if Camps are capped at 25 Campers?

Depending on the region, restrictions and density of your location, your Trainer may have an RSVP link or Camps will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Your Trainer is going to be your best resource on the local level, and we encourage you to connect with them regarding their Camps!

Is my Trainer going to be looking at an ipad during the workout if they're doing in person and virtual Camps?

We are ensuring that the outdoor workouts remain an individual experience from our virtual Camps, so everyone gets the full CG experience wherever they are!

What about the equipment that we typically share?

For the time being, there will be no shared equipment. Please bring your own dumbbells and mat and, like always, your Trainer will design great workouts around those resources.

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