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Choose to Move Challenge Training Cycle

Date: April 6, 2020

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Not only is the Choose to Move Challenge running for 6 weeks total (Apr 6 - May 17), but we’ve also adjusted our typical 4-week progressive cycle. This way, all of our Campers can enjoy the full benefits and variety of CG’s training, know what to expect, and see real results!

Curious to know what we’re focusing on during your workouts today? Check the schedule below.

Apr 6 - 11: Endurance
These foundational workouts are designed to keep you moving the entire 60 minutes while keeping your heart rate at a constant pace. Endurance training keeps your heart, lungs and circulatory system healthy while also improving your overall fitness.

Apr 13 - 18: Strength & Agility
Improve muscular strength and power, while also challenging your body's ability to create speed, quickness and acceleration in the midst of dynamic movements.

Apr 20 - 25: Interval
By alternating between high-intensity drills and short rest periods, this training teaches your body how to efficiently use its energy and oxygen to burn more calories.

Apr 27 - May 2: Peak
Reach new peaks and break plateaus. With improved stamina, enhanced speed and increased strength, these workouts will allow you to test your fitness limits.

May 4 - 9: Endurance + Strength & Agility
This week, we’ll alternate between the kind of workouts you see during the first two weeks of our typical four-week cycle. We’ll continue building your cardiovascular fitness and improve your muscular strength and speed.

May 11 - 16: Interval + Peak
This week, we’ll alternate between the kind of workouts you see during weeks three and four our typical four-week cycle. Your Trainer will keep practicing high-intensity drills and lead you through workouts to push yourself further!