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Date: March 23, 2020 Category: Hustle From Home Workouts

Equipment Needed: Workout Mat, Heavy Dumbbells

You will complete 4 sets of each agility round before moving on to the next round. Once you’ve completed all 4 sets of all 4 rounds, you’ll move on to the strength portion. Part 1 of the strength workout involves tempo style movements. You’ll complete 8 reps of both exercises 4 times before moving on to part 2. Part 2 of the strength workout involves 3 different exercises with different rep ranges. You’ll perform all 3 exercises 4 times. 

Duration: 30-45 minutes


Complete 4 sets of each round before moving on to the next round
Round 1: (30) Lateral Mat Hops / (10) Runner’s Lunges
Round 2: (30) In-In Out-Outs (i.e. switch the lead foot halfway) / 10 Lunges w/ a Twist
Round 3: (30) Plank Toe Taps / (10) Bird Dogs
Round 4: (30) Skaters / (10) Froggers

Part 1 Tempo: 5 second count tempo on the way down then explosive power on the way up
Exercises: 4x each
(8) Tempo Squat Jumps
(8) Tempo Plyo Push-Ups

Part 2 Rep count ranges because it’s based on dumbbell size. Heavier weight, less reps. Lighter weights, more reps
Exercises: 4x each
(6-10) Lunge Curls 
(6-10) Push-Up Plank Rows (i.e. push up > row > row = 1 rep)
(6-10) Squat Presses

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