Camp Gladiator is looking for experienced, professional and certified trainers to join Camp Gladiator as partners in the largest boot camp in the nation. Be a successful fitness instructor and owner/operator for the award-winning outdoor group fitness program!




What is the process to become a CG Trainer?
1. Attend an Information Session and CG Audition.
2. Be approved to start the internship process.
3. Complete all internship requirements and attend CG Academy.
4. Be approved to sign a contract with Camp Gladiator.
5. Launch locations.

Do I have to complete the internship process to become a CG Trainer?
Camp Gladiator maintains the highest industry brand standards to ensure our campers receive the best workout from a certified professional trainer no matter what location(s) they attend. We require all recruits to complete the internship process regardless of education and experience.

Do internships with Camp Gladiator count towards college credits?
The internship with Camp Gladiator is different from those sought to earn credit for a college course. It is a training program intended for those starting a career with Camp Gladiator. College credits can be earned in an approved collegiate internship process approved by your university and a Region Director of Camp Gladiator.

Do I have to have my CPT before I can start the process?
We require all trainers to already have a current CPT certificate or be scheduled to test for their CPT prior to the signing of a contract.

What types of certifications do I need to become a CG Trainer?
We require all trainers to have current CPT and CPR certifications. CPTs must come from a nationally accredited organization and include, but are not limited to, NSCA, NASM, Cooper, ACE, ACSM, etc. Please contact the Region Director for a complete list of accepted accreditations.

Is Camp Gladiator a full-time or part-time opportunity?
Camp Gladiator has opportunities to become a Primary Trainer or an Hourly Trainer. The Primary Trainer positions are considered full-time and have the most earning potential. Hourly Trainer positions are part-time and used on an as needed basis at the direction of Primary Trainers.

How do I apply to become a CG Trainer?
We ask that your resume be submitted via our application page.

When is the next Information Session or Audition?
All event information can be found on the Events tab, this is updated each season.


The CG Trainer Onboarding process is a series of steps to complete an interview-type process to see if the interested trainer is qualified to become a CG Trainer. By completing these steps there is still no guarantee of the opportunity to become a CG Trainer.

1. APPLY: Complete and submit your application.

2. ATTEND: Attend CG workouts in your area to experience the CG program and to prepare for the CG audition.

3. AUDITION: Attend a CG Audition.

4. INTERN: If you are invited past the CG Audition, you will be invited to start the CG Trainer Internship process as a camper and assistant trainer.

5. ACADEMY: If you are invited past the Internship process, you will be asked to attend CG Academy, a corporate workshop in Austin, Texas.


Camp Gladiator Trainers are called Operators. Similar to the Chick-Fil-A business model, our trainers operate locations and receive the lionshare of the profit they generate. The short answer is through the power of teamwork we are able to completely dominate our competition. CG is built by trainers, for trainers, and has the most rewarding pay structure in the industry.


In addition to being the fastest growing fitness movement in the United States, Camp Gladiator has been voted “Best Of” by virtually every publication and ranking agency in existence, including Competitor, D Magazine, Austin Fit, Rare Magazine, and WFAA. There are many reasons for our success – here’s a few:

1. More Locations – When we move into a city, our campers can attend any and all locations as many times as they like. In Dallas-Fort Worth, for example, our campers can choose from over 100 separate locations that operate nearly 600 sessions per four week camp. Customers would have to drive past three or four CG locations to get to a more expensive competitor with most likely an inferior trainer.

2. Lowest Cost – Our initial price point is lower than virtually every other camp. Our discounts are better than any other camp, and our campers receive an immediate credit for referring a friend. We believe group fitness should be available to everyone, and we price our camps accordingly.

3. More Fun – No, we do not wear combat boots and yell at you. No, you will not fear for your life. What we promise is a fun, challenging, and competitive environment where men and women of all ages and fitness levels can push themselves. CG is more than a boot camp, it’s a way of life.

4. Better Trainers – Many other boot camps are owned by a phenomenal trainer, but there is little reason for another phenomenal trainer to work for them. The great ones simply go out and start their own boot camp. Camp Gladiator changed all that. We created a way for All-Star trainers to work under the same brand name, an unstoppable force offering the ultimate value to our customers. Our trainers are certified and have great experience. Many are former collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes and are at the top of their game.


Our Headquarters support team in Austin, TX offers all of the following support to our trainers Nationwide:

  • Customer Service & Registration: Camper Phone & Email Questions, Registration Processes, Credit Card Processing, Credit Card Collections
  • Accounting: All payment and accounting for all trainers, including hourly trainers hired to support our Operators
  • Marketing: Website Creation & Maintenance, Marketing Materials, Merchandise, Multimedia, Social Media, Newsletters & More
  • Technology: State of the Art, Custom System with Unique Online Registration, Trainer Access, Check-in System & Mobile App
  • Region Support: Trainer Communication, Insurance, Contracts, W9s, Events, Newsletters, Promotions & Partnerships



INFO SESSION: Thursday, August 7 from 12:00p – 1:00p at CG Arena – 9185 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

AUDITION: Thursday, August 7 from 1:00p – 2:00p at CG Arena – 9185 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

Dallas/Fort Worth

INFO SESSION: Friday, August 8 from 2:30p – 4:00p at Irving Bible Church – 2435 Kinwest Parkway, Irving, TX 75063

AUDITION: Friday, August 8 from 4:30p – 5:30p at IBC: East Parking Lot – 2435 Kinwest Parkway, Irving, TX 75063





INFO SESSION: Friday, August 29 from 12:00p – 1:30p at Memorial Church of Christ – 900 Echo Lane, Hedwig Village, TX 77024

AUDITION: Friday, August 29 from 2:00p – 3:30p at Bendwood Park – 12700 Kimberley Ln, Houston, TX 77024

Los Angeles



Oklahoma City




INFO SESSION: Friday, August 15 from 2:00p – 3:30p at American Lung Association – 851 Outer Road, Orlando, FL 32814

AUDITION: Friday, August 15 from 4:00p – 5:00p at Blue Jacket Park – 2501 General Rees Ave, Orlando, FL 32814


INFO SESSION: Saturday, August 2 from 2:00p – 3:30p at Lyon Park Community Center – 1313 Halley St, Durham, NC 27707

INFO SESSION: Sunday, August 3 from 1:30p – 3:00p at Jaycee Community Center – 2405 Wade Ave, Raleigh, NC 27607

AUDITION: Saturday, August 2 from 4:00p – 5:00p at Forest Hills Park – 1639 University Dr, Durham, NC 27707

AUDITION: Sunday, August 3 from 3:00p – 4:00p at Jaycee Park Softball Field 2 – 2405 Wade Ave, Raleigh, NC 27607

San Antonio

INFO SESSION: Friday, August 15 from 2:00p – 3:30p at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church – 825 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209

AUDITION: Friday, August 15 from 4:00p – 5:00p at AHUMC (Field behind church) – 825 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209





INFO SESSION: Friday, August 1 from 2:00p – 3:30p at Highland Park Lake House – 11740 Casa Lago Lane,Tampa, FL 33626

AUDITION: Friday, August 1 from 3:30p – 4:30p at Highland Park Lake House – 11740 Casa Lago Lane,Tampa, FL 33626


INFO SESSION: Friday, August 8 from 2:00p – 3:30p at Central United Methodist Church – 740 Bagby Ave, Waco, TX 76712

INFO SESSION: Friday, August 8 from 3:00p – 4:30p at Mayborn Student Center – UMHB – 900 College St, Belton, TX 76513

West Palm